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Steph Merkle

Steph Merkle is the Digital Content & Community Director for Countrysde. She tends to her raised bed gardens, raises a mixed flock of egg layers, and keeps honey bees on her four acres in southeastern Wisconsin. As a Colorado native, Steph spent her childhood in the remote San Luis Valley, the largest agricultural alpine valley in the United States. Growing up in the valley made Steph appreciate the scarcity of water in a semi-arid climate and the mounting demands on this limited resource. Steph spent her summers working as a landscaper focused on xeriscaping practices as well as lending a hand on her grandparents’ tree nursery. Steph enjoys traveling as far and wide as her pocketbook allows and spending time with her husband and two young children.
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Articles by Steph Merkle

Your Resource for Dairy Goat Farming Basics
March 18, 2021 · · Book Review, Ownership

Add to Favorites Dairy goats are a practical choice for a backyard environment or small dairy farm. They don’t require elaborate housing or expansive pasture, and in addition to providing …

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Goat Day 2020 – January 25th, UC Davis
January 1, 2020 · · Events

One of the most widely attended goat education events on the West Coast, UC Davis’ 2020 Goat Day had the theme of: Framework for goat herd success: Management of facilities and animals.

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Free Goat Guides from Goat Journal
November 10, 2019 · · Ownership

Need some support with your goats? Take a look in one of our helpful caprine care guides!

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How to Connect with Our Goat Experts
July 30, 2019 · · Ask The Expert

Ask our goat experts your top questions about health, feed, production, housing and more! We are available for live chat between 6:30 am – 6:30 pm (CT) – Monday through Friday.

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