Goat Journal May/June 2020

The May/June 2020 issue of Goat Journal arrives in-home April 23rd, but Backyard Goats Members can read it now! Subscribe for valuable stories on using Lutalyse, human pregnancy risks when raising goats, proper dairy sanitation, a Breed Profile on Nubian goats, and new ideas to use up that extra milk!

Registered nurse and goat owner, Lacey Hughett, weighs in on the risks that goats and raw milk can present to your unborn child.

The Features

To Lute or Not to Lute
Human Pregnancy Risks when Raising Goats
• Photo Essay: ADGA National Show

Tanja Miller, with Alpenthal’s Goats and Calico Dreams, blazes trails and leads projects in the Black Hills of Wyoming.

The Stories

Let’s Talk Baby Goat Names!
Goat Milk and Life
Alpenthal’s Dairy Goats
Training on the Goat Milking Stand
Dairy Herd Improvement
What is the Best Hay for Goats
• Goat Notes: Determining the Best Hay for Goats
Keep It Clean!
All-Natural DIY Teat Spray
Recipes to Use Up Milk

Scientists analyzed paint from King Tut’s tomb and discovered it was dairy-based!

In Each Issue

Meet Billy Gotti, the celebrity who graces Instagram and has even been on the Maury Show!



Determining the Best Hay for Goats

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